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Welcome to the MAYDAI WAY

MAYDAI, allows its participants to mentally access their desired automatic impulses by optimizing regulatory experiences using the scientific medically based neurological approach of NMT(Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics).

What is NMT

The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics created by world wide renowned psychiatrist Bruce Perry is a scientific Medically based neurological approach that will match the appropriate treatment intervention to the client and their current needs. It is important to note that NMT is not an intervention or technique, rather it provides a means of considering the best intervention for the client's functioning.

Informed Approach to providing Treatment

NMT identifies the appropriate treatment by matching the nature and timing of specific therapeutic techniques to the developmental stage, brain region, and neural networks mediating the neuropsychiatric problems.

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Our Mission

Here at MAYDAI, we believe that regardless of your life experiences, you do not have to remain captive to psychological or emotional pain. Visit Maydai Therapy to break emotional chains by mentally accessing your desired automatic impulses to unlock your greatest potential. We offer holistic, non-judgemental therapeutic approaches through education, and training to help you live your best life

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Call or Email MAYDAI, Trauma Focused Clinical Network And Research Center LLC- for a free phone consultation now - (636) 492-1558 or (618) 530 0691

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