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Rates and Insurance

Every session Individual/Group is 45-60 minutes long. We will send you paperwork beforehand to fill out and you only need to bring yourself as you are!

Individual Session Rate : 250.00 Per Hour

Group Session Rate: 75:00 Per Person Per Hour

Special Rate Applies via Sliding Scale Rates based on person income and needs, please inquire during free initial consultation.

Note: Pricing Varies for NMT, Forensic Assessments, Mayday Moments Inquire during free consultation.

We are out-of-network providers for other major insurance companies. What this means is that depending on each person’s individual insurance plans, reimbursement from the insurance company may be available. At the end of each session we will provide you with an invoice of our session that is complete with all the information your insurance company will want. The client will mail the form into the insurance company and wait for reimbursement. We have seen anywhere from 10% to 60% reimbursement. The amount for the session is paid in full and the reimbursement would come at a later date.

*We always advise people to be familiar with their insurance policies for out-of-network benefits because they are different for each individual plan as well as from in-network benefits. This is great information to know regardless of if you elect to use it or not.

We want counseling to be for whomever feels they need it and we do not intend for it to be something that is put off because of monetary restraints. Please be open and honest about financial issues and we can work together to try and come up with a solution that works for both of us.

Rates and Insurance: Text

Call or Email MAYDAI, Trauma Focused Clinical Network And Research Center LLC- for a free phone consultation now - (636) 492-1558 or (618) 530 0691

Rates and Insurance: Text
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