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About Us

 Maydai Trauma Focused Clinical Network and Research Center provides traditional evidenced based behavioral health services. Maydai works with its participants to  Directly Assess undisclosed Traumatic Experiences that oppose Recovery, and challenging  the individual to Mentally Access Desired Automatic Impulses that follow with negative undesired unwanted actions.  Traumatic experiences whether physical or emotional occur on many levels in our lives and are unique to our circumstances. Most noted areas are relationships, family, employment, overall health which includes Mental, Physical, and Emotions. Whether it be Emotional Trauma, Complex Trauma, Physical Trauma, Maydai’s Goal is to help participants recognize symptoms that may be a consequence of Complex trauma, provide coping skills and unique tool to manage those symptoms to provide the participant with a better overall quality of life, mentally, spiritually and physically.

The Clinic: About Us

Call or Email MAYDAI, Trauma Focused Clinical Network And Research Center LLC- for a free phone consultation now - (636) 492-1558 or (618) 530 0691

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